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The agreement still requires ratification in the parliaments of countries Unii.Umowa raises serious concern among NGOs, trade unions and defenders of the environment. 36-year-old Lieutenant Florin Rotaru participated in the demonstrations, which was watched by thousands of spectators. The accident, whose causes have not yet been established, did not cause other victims. In the case of an investigation. “There are no words to describe the pain of the Romanian army after this loss,” – said the Minister of National Defense Mihai Viorel-Fifor.zobacz also crash of a military aircraft MiG-29. The pilot did not survive »MiGs from the Soviet era are still the backbone of the Romanian Air Force and are still used for air defense tasks. AFP reminds that one Romanian MiG crashed in 2017, and the pilot was able to successfully how much should i pay for a research paper eject.

Romania is investing billions of dollars in modernizing its army. Bucharest has already bought 12 US F-16 fighters in Portugal and plans to buy another. According to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Schleswig-Holstein Puigdemont authorities gave the address where will stay in Germany until a decision on his possible extradition to Spain. Puigdemont was arrested in Germany, he returned to Belgium after a visit in Finland. On Thursday the Higher Regional Court of Schleswig-Holstein has ruled that he can be released on bail.

In the court’s opinion on the basis of the extradition Puigdemonta stawianego him by Spain complaint of misappropriation of public funds Continue reading “pay for a research paper com – Fertak.Media stated that the lawyer is attorney Robert N.”